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About Us

AIM Project Developments provide trade and technical resources for construction, commercial and industrial projects. Our enthusiastic, multi-skilled team strive to ensure any project we undertake is to the clients specification and requirement.

Working closely with our clients helps us to deliver projects successfully, by providing support, advice and guiding them through the whole process.

We AIM to provide the whole package. Our vetted, multi-trade tradesmen and contractors allow us to manage projects using only trusted and approved workers.

What We Do


Conception and Survey

Each project is carefully surveyed, ensuring we follow the guidelines and specification set out by the client. Our experienced project managers can then identify the scope and goals of the project.

Design and Plan

Designing and planning is one of the key stages of any project. At this stage our team of planners and architects identify the required resources and set the foundation for the entire project.



It is essential not to forget the budget. Once resources and timescales have been identified, the cost of a project can be estimated. We work closely with the client at this stage to ensure all of their requirements have been met.

Implementation and Execution

Once all of the planning and estimating has been agreed with the client, the implementation and execution of a project can begin. Our multi-trade professionals and project teams work together covering all aspects of the design and implementation.

Performance and Monitoring

Our experienced project team continuously monitor the performance of a project. This phase requires daily supervision and ensures a project is running on schedule and within budget. Any ongoing adjustments are addressed as required.


On project completion our project managers will meet with the client offering deliverables or presenting a completed project. Each aspect of the process is finalised and once approved by the client, the project concludes.

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